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Direct vs flow UV-C

Direct UV-C lamps have been used for years to disinfect rooms in hospitals, surgery rooms and isolation rooms. They are 99.9% effective in eliminating all types of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, fungi and molds. They are usually used directly on surfaces, which, however, cannot be done in the presence of people due to the harmfulness of UV-C radiation for eyes and skin.  


Flow-through UV-C lamps are an innovative product and are completely safe for people staying in the room.  UV-C radiators are placed in the center of the tube and thanks  the fans are forced to circulate air. The UV-C radiation, which is dangerous for humans and animals, is adequately protected against leakage to the outside. UV-C lamps reduce the risk of infection to a large extent and are able to disinfect the air in the room, eliminating almost 100% of pathogens that are dangerous to humans.


The lamps offered by us have one of the best effectiveness parameters on the market and it is laboratory proven.


The UV-C lamps used in our lamps are high-quality Philips devices.

Thanks to the safe UV-C technology, get rid of viruses, bacteria, mold, mites, fungi, allergens, dust and unpleasant organic odors in your environment.  

Cure your child, improve your health and breathe clean air at home and in the office.

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